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Yeom heads for the address to confront Detective Oh, and whilst she’s long gone, Detective Yeh comes jogging to inform the rest of the team the Barcode Killer is caught. They’ve discovered The person whose blood was still left on that rebar, but Detective Ki says it can’t be the killer, since the man who is a DNA match is really an arsonist.

I guess, Cho-rim will really most likely be left on the hook for now, given that they are too A lot of people existing in Chef Kwon’s dwelling for the time being. I’m more be concerned what's going to happen after. It’s much like the killer know his witness although not vice versa.

They Adhere to the trail to exactly where it stops less than a tree, and Mu-gak goes on to discover if the pervert probably received on a bike. But he’s essentially up the tree, and leaps down giggling and operates off with Cho-rim proper guiding. She chases him into the street, but a truck barrels down on her, and Cho-rim is frozen having a unexpected memory of remaining hit by a car or truck.

From my initial check out of your demonstrate, I seem to have no effect of it except the believed, “Thank heavens the OTP is so sweet!” arrived to thoughts, due to the fact with 6 additional episodes to go, I sense somewhat missing concerning what to expect upcoming. Generally at this stage in the drama series, more than enough has long been uncovered to aid us viewers know with a few precision What to anticipate.

Not all film college students want to make mainstream, non-mainstream or indie movies. Spyapp Some need to make all 3 sorts of movies.

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” He pulls her in once more and lays on more cheese, producing Cho-rim giggle. The following day Lieutenant Yeom thinks about Mu-gak’s personal read more involvement while in the Barcode Murders, And just how she’s found out that Cho-rim can be the missing witness. She phone calls him for a gathering, and tells him that she’s sending him back to his previous job — he’s off the case.

Jae-hee gets property simultaneously that Cho-rim comes with the shooting, and The 2 of these go within. Mu-gak hears them conversing and stands trapped on his side of your door, unable to escape. Jae-hee goes to alter apparel and Cho-rim watches Moong-chi scratching on the door, and realizes that she will be able to see Mu-gak’s blue crystal scent wafting from beneath the doorway frame.

i think i can understand the frustrations..we bought numerous questions unanswered and too many mystery not unveil..can’ t understand why the characters accomplishing things that they do..so i hope the writer presents us some responses following week and give us some insight..

Fortunately Even though a lot of people right here continue to dont view kdrama considering the fact that they deem it as telenovelas consequently unfitting smart

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